Food Nutrition

and Nutraceuticals

  Feb 21, 2024

  Dubai, UAE

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3rd World Hybrid Meeting on

Food Nutrition and Nutraceuticals

  Feb 21, 2024      Dubai, UAE

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About Conference

With the grand success from the previous relevant worldwide conferences, Aver Conferences is organizing "3rd Hybdrid Meeting on Food Nutrition and Nutraceuticals" (Food Nutrition & Nutraceuticals 2024) Will be held during February 21, 2024.

Nutrition and Nutraceuticals Conference will focus on promoting awareness and help in tackling the chronic nutritional disorders and diseases and Nutrition and Nutraceuticals faced by mankind. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Current Research in Nutrition and Nutraceuticals.

Target Audience:

  • Food Nutrition & Nutraceuticals Researchers
  • Food Nutrition & Nutraceuticals Scientists, Students
  • Food Nutrition & Nutraceuticals Faculty
  • Food Nutrition & Nutraceuticals Associations and Societies
  • Scientific Session

    Food Science and Processing Technologies

    Nutritional Therapy and treatments

    Food and Nutritional Immunology

    Nutritional Neuroscience and Eating Disorders

    Food Quality and Safety Regulations

    Food Marketing and Economics; Novel Concepts and Challenges

    Climate Change and Food systems

    Food Waste Management and Preservation Technologies

    Plants, Animals Nutrition and Neutraceuticals

    Food Texture and Rheology

    Food and Agricultural Engineering

    Eating Disorders and Weight Management Systems

    Food Quality Control and Quality Assurance

    Nutrition and Metabolism

    Impact of food immunity power on COVID-19 Cases


    Past Speakers

    Naomi Cano Ibanez

    University of Granada


    Sanjay Noonan

    Croydon University Hospital NHS Trust

    United Kingdom

    Huang Wei Ling

    Medical Acupuncture & Pain Management Clinic


    Rashmi Sharma

    S.P.C. Govt. College, Ajmer


    Shekhar Kanwaria

    S.P.C. Govt. College, Ajmer


    Shema Khan

    S.R.K.P. Govt. College


    Nina Ortova

    Charles University

    Czech Republic

    Shabnam Pooya

    California State University

    United States

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